Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trout Fishings Wild Side

   I've been fishing wild trout streams since I could fish. In my opinion wild fish are better in every way than stocked fish...but maybe that's just me. Mostly because they feel more legitimate to catch rather than catching a fish that has sat in it's tank it's whole life. Most of my wild trout fishing is done in either Vermont or Pennsylvania for brookies, rainbows, and browns. Where do you guys fish for wild fish? What's your favorite wild fish to catch? (mines brown trout). Here are some pictures from my last trip to Wheelerville Brook :)

My biggest fish on Wheelerville yet!


  1. I fish in PA for wilds. Maybe we can go together sometime ;P My favorite species is brown, cause that's the only type I've caught sp far. Nice post!

  2. Nice post! Those brookies are great looking fish!
    Wild fish are the way to go.

  3. I hear you, wild fish are definitely a greater accomplishment! I'm pretty luck we have a nice wild pop in certain Westchester rivers. My favorite is a wild brookie from a little creek.

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