Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Buys Online - A big waste of time

    Today was supposed to be the big day we got the Armoire, and it was. For those of you who don't know and Armoire is a large wardrobe or movable cupboard, with doors and shelves. So around 11 o'clock i went outside to check the mailbox and a big semi truck pulled up in-front of our house. Out popped the driver who went around back to the truck and got out two huge boxes. We had payed for the guy to deliver them and set them up in our house. However, this was not the case. The guy in the truck was just the delivery man.  My dad talked with the guy and negotiated so that he would at least bring the Armoire into our house. We would have to then put it together.
    After the guy brought the two big boxes in the house, with the help of my dad, I then had to give him a $20 bill for a tip. Oh well, at least we got it inside. Both the boxes were torn up and in a mess. As my dad signed the papers to agree that he has seen the box and agrees that it is probably not broken a part of me felt like he shouldn't have. He gave the paper work back to the guy, they chatted and then he left. 
  We proceeded to unpack the bigger box of the two. At first glance everything look okay, but not in the best shape like it was brand new. Then we looked on the inside part of the box and saw a huge gash, probably an inch deep right on the front side of the Armoire. This was problematic considering we have two massive boxes containing two broken pieces of an Armoire, that cost us a grand total of $1,200. Oh well...now wait about 2-3 weeks, probably more, for a guy from the company to come to our house and pick up this broken piece of s*** and get us our money back. 
    Lesson learned: don't ever, ever spend that much money on something you haven't seen, (read) don't spend a lot of money on a big purchase online. Have any of you guys had an experience like this?

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  1. Bought some Hardy/Greys stuff a couple years back. Not as big of a purchase as you and your folks, but still expensive to ship to Canada. lesson 1) duty on things made in Korea is expensive. Lesson 2) UPS charges really high brokerage (border) fees. Lesson 3) Do not sign for things until the box has been inspected; there was a huge rip in mine and a reel was missing from the order (but no the packing sheets). Took a while for them to get my reel back. Thankfully not broken.

    BTW: cool blog