Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trout Fishings Wild Side

   I've been fishing wild trout streams since I could fish. In my opinion wild fish are better in every way than stocked fish...but maybe that's just me. Mostly because they feel more legitimate to catch rather than catching a fish that has sat in it's tank it's whole life. Most of my wild trout fishing is done in either Vermont or Pennsylvania for brookies, rainbows, and browns. Where do you guys fish for wild fish? What's your favorite wild fish to catch? (mines brown trout). Here are some pictures from my last trip to Wheelerville Brook :)

My biggest fish on Wheelerville yet!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Day at the Lake

Friday I spent a day at Lake Bommoseen in Vermont. My cousins and I enjoyed the water as it was about 90 degrees all day. My cousin Dylan and I did some spin fishing and caught a bunch of good size smallies and pumpkin seed throughout the day. We also waded into the lake, over our heads and fished. I casted while Dylan snorkeled and spotted fish. My cousin Dalton also caught a few big pumpkin seed and he had a great time! Here are the pictures from the day and I will have some pictures from an epic adventure to a wild brookie stream coming soon.
dalton with a smallie

Saturday, July 23, 2011

No posts lately...

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. As I have been doing some fishing, (not much), I haven't really had time in the evening or morning to post. I will try to get some pictures out in the near future:) 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dry Fly Fishing - East Creek, Rutland, VT

     I have been doing a surprising amount of dry fly fishing lately, (for me). The past two nights around 8:30 at night my cousin, Dylan, and I have been going to East Creek and doing some dry fly fishing. The creek is full of 6-12 inch rainbows and brookies and when the evening hatch came on, the fish go nuts! I usually fish a dry dropper rig with a small emerging nymph dropped off of an elk hair caddis and the fish definitely approve. When the sun sets below the mountains the fish will hit anything in sight, but once you catch one it takes a few minutes for the fish to settle down a bit. Here are some pictures from the last night and yesterdays trip. Also I will be going out fishing almost every day and taking pictures so there will be lots of pictures and posts to come!

There are tons of wild brookie, rainbow, and brown streams around Rutland. 
A nice wild bow.
Another wild bow.
Beautiful par marks.
Lil' Bow
My cousins bow
Waiting for them to start rising...
They started!
Pretty brown using euro nymphing techniques.
Dylan with a nice rainbow
Blurry picture of a brookie

Dylans big Brookie to end the day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Battenkill River - Manchester VT

          On Friday my dad and I drove up to Manchester to the Orvis store on our way to Rutland to visit my grandparents for two weeks. We stopped and fished the Batenkill on our way from 5o'clock until about 7:30 pm. The fishing was said to be slow with the heat and lowish water. I found it to be very productive, using euro nymphing techniques, and fishing caddis larva and pupa I did pretty well. One tip if you are ever fishing water you don't know; always fish caddis larva because they are in basically every stream. I also got a really, really nice brown, it measured 17 inches. The most productive fly was a peeking caddis jig. If you get a chance or are in the area check out the Orvis retail store and ponds and fish the Battenkill, its a great river full of wild browns and brookies.

One of the massive rainbows at the Orvis casting pond.
The first brown I caught. I got 6 the whole time.
I was stoked when I got this pig in!
Another good shot of him.
Most of the fish i caught were this size.
Long Line nymphing...
I lost a 14 incher right after this little gem...would have been a nice end to the day.
We had a friend near the end of the day! Cool sight.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Previous Trip to the Swift River, Ware Massachusetts

Last sunday my Dad and I headed out to the Swift. The car ride for us isn't too bad, at and hour and a half. It was worth it. The swift is very clear and the fish can be very picky, but not spooky...You will simply have to cast a million different flies in various sizes to get a take out of them. However, this wasn't the case. We caught around 10 fish a piece and it was a very good day! Most of our fish were on nymphs except for one wild brookie my dad caught on a parachute ant, fishing dry dropper. I caught most of my fish on a hot bead prince nymph, intended to be fished for steelhead, but the stocked rainbows of the Swift also approved! Take a look:

Dad with a nice rainbow

A nice rainbow in the net!
Cool Picture
The cookie cutter rainbow for the Swift   

A beautiful wild brookie for the Swift which sustains a very low population of wild fish
 a big rainbow, fat too!
A cool picture of me with a bow
Dad with another nice fish!
A nice way to end the day.
Imagine this fly but with a hot orange bead. This is what caught most of my fish...
Another top producer (www.driftlessangler.com)

The swift is a great fishery and if you haven't already fished it, you should. In the unlikely event that you don't catch a bunch of fish I can guarantee you will at least have a good time!