Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Previous Trip to the Swift River, Ware Massachusetts

Last sunday my Dad and I headed out to the Swift. The car ride for us isn't too bad, at and hour and a half. It was worth it. The swift is very clear and the fish can be very picky, but not spooky...You will simply have to cast a million different flies in various sizes to get a take out of them. However, this wasn't the case. We caught around 10 fish a piece and it was a very good day! Most of our fish were on nymphs except for one wild brookie my dad caught on a parachute ant, fishing dry dropper. I caught most of my fish on a hot bead prince nymph, intended to be fished for steelhead, but the stocked rainbows of the Swift also approved! Take a look:

Dad with a nice rainbow

A nice rainbow in the net!
Cool Picture
The cookie cutter rainbow for the Swift   

A beautiful wild brookie for the Swift which sustains a very low population of wild fish
 a big rainbow, fat too!
A cool picture of me with a bow
Dad with another nice fish!
A nice way to end the day.
Imagine this fly but with a hot orange bead. This is what caught most of my fish...
Another top producer (www.driftlessangler.com)

The swift is a great fishery and if you haven't already fished it, you should. In the unlikely event that you don't catch a bunch of fish I can guarantee you will at least have a good time! 


  1. Awesome Cam! Maybe you could make a video on that hot-head prince.

  2. Well done sir...looks like an action packed day!

    look forward to following along.