Monday, July 18, 2011

Dry Fly Fishing - East Creek, Rutland, VT

     I have been doing a surprising amount of dry fly fishing lately, (for me). The past two nights around 8:30 at night my cousin, Dylan, and I have been going to East Creek and doing some dry fly fishing. The creek is full of 6-12 inch rainbows and brookies and when the evening hatch came on, the fish go nuts! I usually fish a dry dropper rig with a small emerging nymph dropped off of an elk hair caddis and the fish definitely approve. When the sun sets below the mountains the fish will hit anything in sight, but once you catch one it takes a few minutes for the fish to settle down a bit. Here are some pictures from the last night and yesterdays trip. Also I will be going out fishing almost every day and taking pictures so there will be lots of pictures and posts to come!

There are tons of wild brookie, rainbow, and brown streams around Rutland. 
A nice wild bow.
Another wild bow.
Beautiful par marks.
Lil' Bow
My cousins bow
Waiting for them to start rising...
They started!
Pretty brown using euro nymphing techniques.
Dylan with a nice rainbow
Blurry picture of a brookie

Dylans big Brookie to end the day.


  1. Looks like fun. Glad you were able to get out and bend the rod a little!

  2. Nice post and fish! Nothing like catching wild fish on dry's.

    Nicely done

  3. Great post cam! I sent you an email btw. And you were also my very first Sunday Blogger Recognition!

  4. Great post and blog BTW. Just love reading & seeing blogs about wild trout.