Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Back!!! Montana/Colorado/Idaho/Wyoming Recap #1

Hey Guys! I want to start off by saying sorry for not updating this sooner. I was back last Tuesday but never got around to posting. So Without further adieu here it is.

Yellowstone River - Was too high to fish from the banks so we decided to fish the Ruby River - I waded it with my coach, Lance Wilt, and my dad. This river was loaded with browns from the 10"-20" range. We started the day fishing dry dropper. I didn't have any luck at the first hole so we moved up to the next. The water there was strong but the hole had a nice eddy so I waded out and pulled about 4 fish from it. The biggest was about 14" which was average for that river. We walked up to a spillway with a cone head zonker on. The current was strong and we tried to pull a fish from there on a streamer but had no luck. We headed out for lunch and returned within a half hour. There was a small gravel island where the river split and the main current ran to the left of it. On the other side there was a smaller stretch that ran over the island. My dad fished it first caught one. I hopped in and caught one. We repeated this process for about 8 fish. The biggest of which I caught was 18". We kept moving up and caught many more fish, none of really any size. This was one of my favorite rivers we fished, and we got some amazing pictures - thanks mom! Here are the pictures from the Ruby River:

Us Three
in the net
Dads first brown on the Ruby
Probably my biggest brown of the trip;)
The Ruby River
Burns Lake - This lake was loaded with huge rainbows, cutthroat, and brook trout. The average rainbow there was 18"+...and a 16" brook trout was considered small. I caught lots of 1-2 year old cutthroats and 2 huge rainbows on a crystal wing pheasant tail nymph. Here are pictures from Burns Lake.

So I will put up another few parts of this trip soon! Hope you guys enjoyed these first two days of the trip! Stay tuned!

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