Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Time on The Farmington

     Last Sunday I got out to the Farmington around 5 pm. It's about a 2 hour drive for me so we got there on time and arrived at Up Country Sports. I've never seen such a selection of flies in a shop before! They have all sorts of flies for euro nymphing and for good old fashion dry fly fishing. The water is very technical and its loaded with fish! There are fish of all sizes, I caught the small ones, for the most part. I got one fish over 12". I fished about 100 yards of the boneyard hole the whole time I was there and caught 12 fish. It was an awesome evening!
     As far as flies go I caught most of my fish on a frenchie. I also caught fish on a black rubber legged stonefly fished as an anchor fly. The big thing on the Farmington right now is mice patterns! People have been having huge fish explode on mouse patterns fished throughout the Farmington. Next time you fish the Farmington, or if you fish the Farmington try a mouse pattern and you will be amazed!
i missed the net with the fish...it hit my chin...but i still got it haha!

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